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Single User Account £20.00 +VAT

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For 3 to 9 users @ £20.00 +VAT per user = £60.00 +VAT
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Single User Account

Single User access to all syllabi (including A-Level, GCSE, IB, etc) for use by student or teacher whenever and wherever they wish.

Home Education Account

A 2-user Home Education or home tutor subscription, permitting simultaneous access by tutor and student. The tutor can set tests for the student, which are automatically marked with the results reported to both.

MultiUser School Account

As a teacher at a school or college that has subscribed to a multiuser account you will have access to management facilities and, once your students' individual personal accounts have been added, you will be able to:

  • monitor student access and details either as a whole or by classes;
  • set up tasks consisting of groups of specific questions;
  • monitor student interaction with the tasks and view:
    • the names of those who have tackled the tasks
    • the number of attempts on each question
    • the score obtained on each attempt
    • the names of those who haven't tackled the task
  • message students whose score is low to require them to redo a task

An unlimited multiuser account will allow any number of simultaneous accesses by your school (teachers and students) at any time. Non-unlimited accounts will limit simultaneous usage to the quantity purchased.