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To get the most out of the site you need your own personal ID. If you are a single subscriber you will already have this. If you are a student at school or college, then you should log on using the school ID and then create your own personal log-on details.

You will then be able to access the forum, conferencing and on-line assessment

Graphic calculators Not all models are allowed in exams. Some advice on what models are available from the main manufacturers, and their costs.

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  • Tailored to your precise exam course.
  • There are 8044 pages on the site that show you how to carry out mathematical techniques. You can view interactive graphs and geometrical diagrams. There are short quizzes, multiple choice tests, data entry test and matching exercises designed to help you practise your skills.
  • The 2910 exam questions on the site are based on actual examination papers from the last few years.
  • You have access to on-line assessment and feedback. There are many pages on the site called "O-tests". These are tests that provide marks and analysis that you can access. For more on this see Help with assessment.
  • You can create and print your own examination paper, complete with mark values, time to spend on it and detailed mark schemes, so that you can work away from the computer. Choose the questions yourself and save your choice on the website so you can return later and repeat the exercise. Get access to exam papers that your teacher or tutor has created for you. For more on this For more on this see Help with exam printing.
  • Use the on line forum (available from the Options menu) to stay in touch with fellow students and if you are in a multi-user account you can keep in contact with your teacher or tutor. You and your friends could create your own study group.
  • Find what you want either by using the menu system or by searching for key topics or by entering the ID number of the precise page into the search box. For more on this see Help with searching
  • Use the comprehensive glossary to find precise meanings of words and phrases and the graph library to explore the shapes of all the graphs you are likely to meet. Read brief biographies of famous mathematicians.