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What are the special pages about?

On your course homepage you see links to a collection of special pages devoted to specific topics
  • Graphic display calculators Some advice on what models are available from the main manufacturers, and their costs. Not all calculator models are allowed in exams. For example, for all UK specification you are NOT allowed to use a calculator capable of algebraic manipulation or differentiation or indefinite integration.
  • Graph library Visit our vast collection of online interactive graphs. Everything from sine curves to hyperbolics; quadratics to exponentials.
  • Mathematicians Read brief biographies of famous Mathematicians who were instrumental in creating advanced mathematics.
  • Interactive glossary Check the meaning of words and phrases used throughout your course. A relevant glossary may also appear at the bottom of each individual topic page.
  • Online store Buy course textbooks, revision guides, software, scientific or graphic calculators direct online, courtesy of Amazon.
  • Forum Stuck? Worried? Need help with your studies? Share your mathematical problems. (Please note that Multi-User account users will need to set up Personal accounts to access the forum - go to Personal Accounts for more on this).