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This is a list of the latest updates and improvements made to the site with the most recent first. This list was first started in July 2010.

February 2011


  • System for printing exam papers has been improved.

November 2010


  • Major site update.

October 2010


  • Assessment task names can now be edited.


  • On many timed o-tests you can select your own time limit.

September 2010


  • An update to the exam printing has been made to fix many of the problems with Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 truncating text. This does not affect other browsers (the IE9 beta no longer has the same problem).

August 2010


  • Extra security additions to counter a recent (D)DOS attack. No sensitive data on the site was damaged or accessed during this attack. The feedback form is now available again - we apologise for its sudden and unannounced removal on August 5th but emergency measures needed to be taken immediately in order to keep the site running.

July 2010


  • Teacher selection of classes is now easier (selecting from a list).
  • Improvements to task allocation code - now works much faster. Previously, on long lists not all students may have been successfully allocated - this is now fixed.
  • Fixed bug when handling REDO of a page ID in student tasks (previously, only one redo tick box could be updated at a time).


  • Students (personal accounts only) can now belong to more than one class (up to 4 classes may be specified).
  • Teachers personal accounts can also specify their class names and can optionally select to view only those classes. There is no limit to the number of classes a teacher can specify. For schools with a large number of students this will simplify the on-screen data.
  • Tests may now include links to worked examples. These open up in a separate window or tab. These links will be added in an ongoing process.
  • Drag'N'Drop tests may now include separate "missed/incomplete" scoring. They are also less fussy about where the movable object can be dropped in order to improve usability.
  • End date on student tasks may now be changed (Teacher view only).
  • The order of items in a student task can now be altered (Teacher view only).