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What Do Our Users Say?

  • Encouraging independence.
  • Extra teaching resource that students can go back to.
  • Repeating O tests until a 'good' result is obtained - teacher sets a target for individuals.
  • Show individual areas that need extra work - great feedback for the teacher.
  • Top ten and World top ten is a good motivator that I shared with the school and displayed.
  • Does not add to teacher workload in fact reduces it.
  • Letting students work independently and explore parts of your site.
  • This site is ssooooooooo helpful and informative, and contributed to me going from a E to a A in my As Levels.
  • this is truly wicked. i wasnt able to do my h/w let alone exam questions!. NOW i can-thanks to the steps and questions given by mathsnet!!
  • thanks a million.
  • your site is brilliant, more true and false would be appreciated. and more speed games like the wagon game. we have learnt lots. plkease email us back. your loyal fans forever x
  • Hello
    I have been using the interactive AS and A2 website regularly since my C1 exam. The worked exam questions have extremly helpful and I owe my success to this website. Thank you for this website!
  • Just want to say what a wonderful job you have done here. It has helped me so much in doing my A Levels, in my first year and doing further maths, got As in January on C1 and C2 and to be honest a lot of this is down to this site as it is so easy to learn from.
  • Hello there,
    This site has been invaluable to me through previous years of A level and further more important in the next few months before my final exams.
  • I have found this website invaluable particularly because it gives students step by step solutions to examination questions. Thank you.
  • WHERE HAS THIS SITE BEEN ALL MY LIFE!? lol I'm very impressed... especially the fact that I can look directly at what applies to my particular syllabus... Thanks :D
  • this website is so helpful for my As level and will help me get good grades in my real exams
  • Your website is wonderful and very helpful.
  • Hi, this site is great, it really is a big help with my maths course (especially since I do Further Maths and this is pretty much the only revision help there is for that!)
  • I just wanted to drop a short note to thank you for the great service you provide. I have finally managed to win over the students as to the value of the site and the quality of the content. You will no doubt have noticed a recent spike in activity from our students.

    Special thanks for the speed at which questions with typos or similar are being corrected. I know that it is impossible to get questions out without a few errors slipping through, and have been thoroughly impressed at the response times to any queries.

    The ease of use of the site, the ability to regenerate questions with different values and exam writing and storing facilities are excellent, and I appreciate the rate at which new content is being added.